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Good Research Tells A Story

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Project-Based Political Research
Time-sensitive self- and opposition research. We tailor projects to fit our clients' needs and budgets.
On-going research support. We're with you at every step of your campaign.
  In-Depth Issues Analysis
In-depth research of a specific issue, without a slant. We always give you both sides of the story.
  Corporate Research
We have significant experience researching the records of both private and public companies, including some of the largest in the country.

Why Hire Ohlsen Research?
  The largest complaint about opposition research firms is that, after they have been paid, they disappear. They’ll provide follow-up information only if asked, and only if the client is willing to pay an additional fee.   We take a different approach.  > LEARN MORE  

Case Study: Using Public Information to Discover Lies
  Ohlsen Research was hired to conduct research on a primary candidate for Attorney General who claimed to have cracked down on corruption in city government as City Solicitor. > READ MORE  

Case Study: Retrieving Records Thought Destroyed
  Ohlsen researched a U.S. Senator who ran a large frozen foods corporation. When Ohlsen visited the state Department of Environmental Quality, he was told that all records older than five years were destroyed and that there were few records regarding this company. > READ MORE  

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